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July 14, 2022

Latest VTrans and GAP Updates

The 2022 VTrans Biennial Transportation Survey is Underway

This survey will inform VTrans Vision and the Long-term Risk Register, two focus areas of Virginia’s statewide transportation plan.

Did You Know?

Did you know that by 2045, nearly 3,000 directional miles of roadway could be impacted by inland-riverine flooding in VDOT’s Bristol Construction District?

VTrans Focus Areas

VTrans has four focus areas symbolized by four pillars. This video provides an overview of these focus areas.

Over 50 datasets are produced as part of the VTrans planning process. These are used for SMART SCALE, Virginia Department of Transportation's Revenue Sharing Program, Project Pipeline, and other funding programs. Several local and regional stakeholders also rely on them for planning purposes. These datasets can be viewed and downloaded via online tools, InteractVTrans Map Explorer (mapping) and InteractVTrans Data Explorer (inforgraphics).