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December 22, 2022Search Datasets by Keyword

The new search bar in InteractVTrans will allow you to quickly locate your desired dataset among the 100+ available. Try it now in Map Explorer or Data Explorer.

About InteractVTrans

OIPI’s Statewide Transportation Planning (STP) section produces over 100 data points as part of VTrans. Some of these datasets inform over $600 million in annual funding and are used to inform policies and programs in Virginia. InteractVTrans is the primary vehicle used to provide these outputs and datasets in a digital format to view and download. InteractVTrans also includes other datasets that provide context or are used to develop the outputs.

InteractVTrans has two modules:
  1. MapExplorer: A map-based application for viewing and downloading location-specific information, generating statistical graphs based on spatial data, and sharing map views. A tutorial for MapExplorer can be found here.
  2. DataExplorer: An application for viewing and generating charts, graphs, and other types of infographics at local jurisdiction, planning district, construction district, or statewide levels. A tutorial for DataExplorer can be found here.

Purpose of InteractVTrans

The purpose of InteractVTrans is to:
  • Enable delivery: Provide VTrans and Growth and Accessibility Planning (GAP) related datasets in digital format for viewing, searching, and downloading. As noted above, OIPI-STP generates over 100 data points.
  • Provide contextual information: Provide context to OIPI-STP-generated data points. For example, Transit Needs identified in VTrans become more meaningful when seen along with transit services and bus stops.
  • Solicit feedback: InteractVTrans is also used to share draft information for public and agency feedback. Between 2019 and 2021, over 1,100 comments were submitted.
  • Allow replication: InteractVTrans includes datasets used to execute VTrans related Commonwealth Transportation Board policies. For example, Walk Score© datasets are used to prioritize mid-term needs. The availability of the Walk Score© data allows localities to replicate the results.
  • Collect data: OIPI-STP also collects a large amount of data from local jurisdictions. Once such noteworthy effort requires local feedback on the bicycle and pedestrian needs in established Urban Development Areas (UDAs). The InteractVTrans Submit feature allows for a consistent and reliable data collection method.
  • Facilitate GAP-TA work: GAP-TA component 3 helps MPOs and PDCs develop processes. Several of these processes are linked to data available on InteractVTrans. Additionally, datasets required for GAP-TA studies are made available on InteractVTrans to improve the efficiency of these efforts.
  • Conduct GAP-TA studies: Several GAP-TA studies require web maps. These study-specific web maps utilized InteractVTrans as the foundation allowing for greater efficiency and consistency.

InteractVTrans Version History

Please utilize to gather more detailed information about the release dates of new datasets, features, and functions.


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Please refer to other limitations in metadata that can be accessed by using the ‘‘i’’ information buttons. Unless OIPI has been identified as the official Source System of Record (SSR), no business decisions should be made based on this data without first validating its accuracy against the official Source System of Record (SSR).


If you find an error or bug while using InteractVTrans or have any other comments or suggestions, please contact us with a detailed description of the issue or error to comment@vtrans.org so we can continue to improve the application. Additional contact information can be found on the Contact Us webpage.