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VTrans2035 Final Report

Document Title (in PDF) Basic Content
Final report to the governor and General Assembly.
Detailed description of the 11 Corridors of statewide Significance including functions, current and future conditions, and proposed strategies
An analysis of jobs-to-housing ratios across the commonwealth.
Socioeconomic and demographic projections for Virginia; assessment of potential impacts on travel related to increased fuel costs, changes in density and other issues
Review of MPO plans for basic planning directions
Recommendations on changes to VTrans goals and performance measures
Summary of literature review related to the overall effectiveness of the gasoline tax
Summary of Virginia's current transportation assets

This document summarizes key findings on the economic impact of transportation activities in Virginia, and the economic impact of infrastructure improvements that were planned to take place in Virginia over the six year period of 2009-2014.


Overview of general revenue outlook, including the assessment of various investment scenarios for the future
    Issues that Virginia must consider.


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