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2035 VSTP Update

The Virginia Surface Transportation Plan (VSTP) is a project-based transportation plan that identifies the key issues and needs Virginia residents and businesses will face in the next 25 years, and provides recommendations for a safe, reliable, sustainable and efficient mutimodal transportation system.  The 2035 VSTP was completed in 2010.  The 2035 VSTP Update reevaluates the needs and recommendations of the previous plan in light of changing federal and state policies and in accordance with other statewide modal plans including the Statewide Rail Plan, the Statewide Highway Plan, and the Statewide Transit & TDM Plan.   

The VSTP is closely related to VTrans, Virginia’s overarching transportation policy plan. It follows the policy direction of VTrans by ensuring that the VSTP’s key recommendations work towards achieving the VTrans goals.  

2035 Virginia Surface Transportation Plan Update Executive Summary

Executive Summary

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2035 Virginia Surface Transportation Plan Update Report


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